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  • Repair Overview - Learn about product navigation such as selecting a vehicle and review article tools and options available for viewing and printing. Step-by-step repair procedures including graphics, wiring diagrams and specs.
  • Using Search - The Search function compliments the category approach by allowing users to find data using keywords. It also uses "smart search" to ensure accurate results regardless of terminology.
  • Estimator / Quote Screens - Build estimates with the industry standard labor database from 1974-2006 and OEM parts. Quote screen provides a simple work area for those not currently using our full shop management programs.
  • TSBs / Recalls - Provides access to vehicle mfg. Technical Service Bulletins, allowing shops to quickly pinpoint causes for unusual vehicle complaints. Factory Recalls campaign information is also included and updated monthly.
  • Maintenance / Fluids - Handy access to detailed Scheduled Services with labor times included (1990-up) in Normal, Severe and now Indicator Services on newer vehicles. Fluid specifications and capacities are also found here.


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